Hypnotherapy Explained

The term hypnosis conjures up many thoughts, usually extremely far from the truth. Hypnosis is quite simply a naturally occurring state of mind.

There are many examples when you will have been in a “Hypnotic” trance state and may not have recognised it. It is a state of deep relaxation that focuses attention and concentration. It goes beyond the conscious mind and enters at a subconscious level.

The subconscious mind will be receptive to the suggestions made by the Hypnotherapist which is where the work is done.

During a Hypnosis session, you can experience a heightened sense of awareness. This is a natural and normal state which we experience regularly, and before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning.

Have you ever arrived at a particular destination but do not remember driving there?

You have been in a natural hypnotic state of mind, which is called “highway hypnosis”

Other times you will have experienced a state of Natural Hypnosis. This is when you become so involved in reading a book, watching television or playing a sport and you are able to block everything out.

Have you ever heard the saying “Being in the Zone”?

You are in a hypnotic state of mind if you are concentrating very intensely on something. This concentration coupled with relaxation is why hypnotherapy can be so effective. *Please note: Results may vary from person to person

”Hypnotherapy is often applied in order to modify a subject’s behavior, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development”