Types Of Treatment Available

The ability to deal with what presents

At Absolute Mind I offer a range of proven treatments to assist you in achieving your goals. As we all know, everyone is different, and therefore, as individuals, we can require a different approach when it comes to resolving our problems and issues. Just because hypnotherapy was successful at treating a friends smoking habit does not mean hypnotherapy will be the most effective for you.

In order to get the very best treatment and ensure you get the results you want, I will use a range of therapeutic interventions to resolve the issue in a way that is right for you. *Please note: Results may vary from person to person


The state of “Hypnosis” is nothing more that a controlled day dream where the therapist guides you to a new way of thinking.
One of the most common misunderstandings of Hypnotherapy is that the person being treated will not remember anything and they will be out of control. This image has been portrayed by stage Hypnotists and share no resemblance to Hypnosis in the therapeutic setting.

Hypnotherapy as a process can seem somewhat mysterious due to the changes being made subconsciously. This is why you may have heard people mention i.e.”I don’t really know why I have stopped panicking, I just feel better”. *Please note: Results may vary from person to person
It’s no different than asking someone how they drive to work in the morning, which gear they were in? did they stop at the roundabout? did they break any speed limits? did they see a lorry? They really won’t know, as it was there sub-conscious which drove them to work, and it works all by itself.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This seemingly strange named therapy is used to work with both the sub-conscious, and the conscious parts of the mind.
The name Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) sound like computer language, and in some ways it is.

  • “Neuro” the brain and nervous networks.
  • “Linguistic” a persons thinking and internal dialog.
  • “Programming” this refers to the study of thinking and how well operate with different thinking patterns and behaviors, or program’s people use in their everyday lives.

NLP is used as a therapy to give a “real hands on approach”, giving the client to tools they can use time and again.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a cognitive based therapy as the name suggest. It can be particularly effective at dealing with obsessive compulsive disorders, depression loss and anxiety. *Please note: Results may vary from person to person

The main use of CBT is to challenge and re-frame unhelpful thinking patterns which can lead us into problems and feel as if there is no way out. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is perhaps the most well known of all the therapy types, however due to it’s pure “Cognitive” approach does meet some limitation what used on its’ own.


Absolute Mind Therapy

Well, it’s not really a therapy by itself, it’s simply a range of the very best techniques and interventions to guide people towards the results they most desire. If you’d like to find out if I can help please to get in touch contact.

I use a compound effect of all three therapies. This allows us to look at the issues through different therapeutic lenses. Therapy isn’t a “one size fit all” approach.

What Therapy Is Right For Me?

This is a very common question along with which types of therapy I’ll use with a specific person. Truth is I rarely know what I’ll do with a client and I’ll simply deal with what presents.

Although you may think that it is important to know which therapy is being used realisticly what really matters is that you achieve your desired outcome. It would be unethical and unprofessional of me to state what therapy i am going to use as i work with what presents at the time.

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