Successes so far. What will you be saying?

All Client testimonials are available to view in my practice in my testimonials book and all emails have been printed and affixed.

*(please be aware that all results are variable)

Savvy – Anxiety and Low Confidence – Written in Book September 2016

“You came recomended and I now know why. Not only do I feel more confident after just 2 sessions but a collegue mentioned last week that I seem taller because i’m standing up and holding myself.

Great video the Amy Cuddy Ted talk too which was great”

Nick – Heights and Anxiety – Email September 2016

“Meeting Paula has moved my life to a new level. As someone who has always wanted to test their self, this has set whole new perspective.

Paula will be a key team member in moving me forward, I look forward to what I might achieve with her help.”
Kind Regards

Karl – Weight Loss – Written in Book August 2016

“I have just just seen your Fat Girl Fit Mum website on Facebook. And it brought back our weight loss sessions from April. I’m now 2.5 stone lighter and “food is just fuel” haha

Thank you Paula

Jackie – Anxiety – Written in Book August 2016

“Throughly enjoyable process, I will be recommending you. I have suffered with anxiety for over 15 years and I now feel like I have control. Thank you Paula

Amy – Panic Attacks – Email Feb 2016

“I have managed to travel to Uni without a hitch. 6 months of dreading was all for nothing. All done in 3 weeks, Thank you Paula 😉 “

Donna – Binge Eating – Email Jan 2016

“I couldn’t start the new year with a new body without addressing my love of food. It seems I can now move past this old behaviour and I feel empowered to do this.

Thank you

Donna x

Simon – Smoking – Email Jan 2016

“You’ve saved me a packet. I’ve had a great first week smoke free. Feeling better already and I believe this first part must be the hardest so It could be cracked


Carol Anne – Fear of Stickers – Email Jan 2016

“Just a little note to tell you Christmas went really well. All of the famiy were over with plenty of wrapping and I didnt once feel any build up”


Dina – Relationship Breakdown – Email Jan 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to move past my broken marriage”

Jonathon – Anxiety and Panic – Email December 2015

“I went to see Paula back in April for some treatment regarding anxiety. For years, I have been extremely anxious and this has resulted in the breakdown of my personal relationship with my wife.
After speaking to her it was recommended that I have 3-5 sessions of Hypnotherapy and within the first session, I did feel different. Now I feel more confident and relaxed and therapy has helped me to relax when I start to feel uneasy.
Luckily my wife is a very understanding person and she was the one who suggested I ‘give it a go’. After all, I didn’t have a lot to lose. We now are working through my issue and Paula also provided me with a CD which I can listen to if I start to feel jittery.

Deepest thanks
Newport Pagnell

Natasha – Panic Attacks – Email December 2015

“I used to suffer with panic attacks and they used to come on regardless where I was. The worst place would be an airport or a supermarket and they were getting so bad I had to take around with me a brown paper bag to be able to regain my breath.

I had 3 sessions and my panic attacks have completely gone. It’s absolutely crazy. I just didn’t believe that someone could make this go away without taking pills or tablets which I’m really not fond of.
I went away recently to Corfu and was thinking about the flight and the airport and I took my i-pod with me with the cd download Absolute mind made for me. I listened to it in the car on the way to Luton airport and when I got to the airport I felt great. I had a fab holiday with my family and I didn’t need my brown paper bag.