Train to be a Hypnotherapist

When you decide to make a big change in your life and re-train in order to progress in a new, there can be a number of different feelings present! Excitement, Anxiety and even and element of venturing into the unknown. For those of you who have made a firm decision that you would like to become a Hypnotherapist with an array of the latest additional therapeutic techniques, then there are a few more questions to ask before you embark on this highly rewarding career.

  • Can I treat everyone with just Hypnotherapy?
    When choosing to train with Absolute Mind you will receive Hypnotherapy training to the highest vocational level (HPD) also accompanied with NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) a Certificate in Stress Management a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and lastly newly updated the Diploma in Psychotherapy. Also covered in the course is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. A well-rounded training program with 5 qualifications in different interventions ensuring you have the tools to work with any client.
  • Is the training provider offering the most comprehensive training?
    The training is over 10 weekends with a total classroom training time of 120 hours plus approximately 70 hours home study. Time is always booked out for practice sessions every weekend, therapy is a practice-based skill and therefore cannot be taught from books and tapes.
  • Are the qualifications offered EXTERNALLY recognised within the industry?
    The Hypnotherapy training includes 4 qualifications plus the externally validated prestigious HPD.
  • Where is the training carried out?
    Hypnotherapy training is carried out in venues through out the country, we are currently filling bookings for Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Swindon and Watford. All hypnotherapy training booking are commencing from April 2010. Book now to Guarantee your place.
  • Are the trainers full time therapist also?
    All trainer for the course are running successful and full time therapy practices and will impart actual working knowledge throughout the training.
  • Will I have sufficient knowledge to practice and treat clients?
    Once the course is completed successfully you will be issued with your qualifications which will allow you to gain full insurance, recognition from external bodies and the letters DipH DipNLP Cert SM DipPhyc HPD after your name. As the course covers all Hypnosis training in a part academic, part practice format all of our students feel comfortable practicing once completed.

You may have some more questions regarding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training, if so please feel free to contact me for a more detailed insight.

“Since training as a hypnotherapist my hum drum days of boredom and monotony have now been replaced with excitement, fulfillment and a growing sense that I’m now making a difference”

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