Well, there are many applications and games available in the App Store which is easy to download and use. But, due to the license agreement, terms & conditions and other policies we are unable to access all the features to the fullest of these application. Most of the features of these apps are either hidden or they are paid and people usually don’t prefer paying bucks for such features. So, to address the need of the hour Lucky Patcher has been introduced which can help users to modify and manipulate all the license and policies of the apps and give the users with the privilege to reap maximum benefits of the apps and their unique features. It is free to download and works compatibly with Android and iOS device. Below you will come with the steps to use this application for in-app purchases.

Using Lucky Patcher for Hacking in-app Purchases

Firstly, you are required to download the APK file of the application on your rooted device from any reliable sources online and install it on your device
Now you have to launch the application on your device and follow the steps give in the application
Ensure that the device is rooted to use it to the fullest on your device
After the installation open the application and tap on the tool box option available at the bottom
Now you will find the option “Patch to Android” and you need to tap it
Choose the patches and click on “Apply” and wait till the system is booted
Now you need to open the app or the game for which you want to do in-purchases
Now tap on the option “Buy” and you will receive a pop-up asking for you confirmation
Now click on “Yes” and get all the paid features for free on your device
Steps for Removal of Google Ads with Lucky Patcher

To do this you need to click on “APK without Google Ads” and again rebuild the features of the application
Once you choose this option, the Lucky Patcher will instantly customize the mobile app in another APK file and this may take some time
After successful modification a window with green color fonts will appear
Now you have to rebuild the app and install it on your device by launching Lucky Patcher again from the list of customized apps
Choose the desired app and install it again
Now you can use the application on your device without worrying about annoying ads

These were the steps to use to remove ads and license verification process and access all the paid features of the game for free on your device.