Laptops are becoming extremely popular since their introduction into society. In spite of the manifold benefits, however, they are able to pose some serious health threats when held where, as their name suggests, they are supposed to be kept: the lap. The extreme heat released by laptops creates a health hazard to both men and expectant mothers, whilst the poor position that arises from hunching over a laptop may cause chronic muscular pain.

If you’ve ever used the best laptop brands, you’ve probably lay with it on your lap (hence the name) while watching tv or sitting in an airport and noticed that it might get really hot. And you may have heard that having that notebook on your own lap could be dangerous to your health. Since, while the computer does not get warm enough to really burn you, it might lead to problems. Continue reading for much sound advice on what you need to be concerned about the next time you boot up.

Fertility Problems

Studies by researchers at the State University of NY have shown that using laptops on the lap might have an adverse effect on healthy sperm production in men. Heat put out from the notebook lifts the scrotal or testicular temperature to an unhealthy degree, which could decrease sperm counts and, in turn, may cause sterility.


Although uncommon, there has been instances of severe burns from the laptop overheating on an individual’s lap. Burns may also result from the combustion of laptop batteries. Also uncommon, there has been instances of this happening once the laptop is held around the legs in that way the venting fan is blocked.

Pregnancy Risks

There’s been some concern about hazards to pregnant women from light emitted from laptops. In accordance with study at Emission Responses, the amounts of radiation that may be provided are so minimal that there’s no cause for concern. However, physicians recommend expectant mothers to avoid keeping a notebook on their panel or stomach because of the temperature that performance laptops make.

One of the biggest benefits of owning a laptop is that you can take it almost anywhere. Notebooks are small enough to fit in backpacks and travel bags. They have most of the electronics you need within the deal — check, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. You need to use them on small materials or on your own lap as you relax on the chair. Notebooks have locations you should use to attached peripheral devices if you’d like to use a different keyboard or monitor. The mobility of a laptop can be a problem in regards to security because they’re easily stolen. Utilizing a code on the notebook prevents an unauthorized person from accessing your files.