Apple’s iPhone 7 is anticipated to be released next year and probably it won’t get a real redesign until late 2016. Apple has released a new concept that shows a design that was introduced by SCAVIDS by giving a creepy suggestion for the Cupertino Company. Before the release of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, Apple is alluring its users with anticipated design of iPhone 7. However, by next year we can expect a new design for Apple iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Concept Runs Android

Earlier, many rumors were created about the anticipating Features and Specifications of Apple’s iPhone 7. Tricks maze gives the information on Apple has introduced two new videos that show the design concept of Apple iPhone 7. The design of iPhone 7 looks incredible with stunning appearance. The design concept shows that the iPhone 7 runs Android instead of the company’s iOS software. It might be just a visualizing concept of the company. The designer is not responsible for the imagination of the iPhone 7 design. But, this might never happen that Apple won’t use Android for its handset. Truly, it’s not perfect, but this iPhone 7 concept smashes several keynotes that we surely expect Apple’s 2016 iPhone indeed hits.

Apple’s iPhone 7 – Sleekest Smartphone

The anticipated design of the iPhone 7 concept imagines it as a sleekest smartphone with an elusive curved back (similar to the Moto X) and an edge-to-edge screen. Though the iPhone 7 design concept looks extremely sleek, but this design is similar to Apple’s classic chamfered edges that are present in other smartphones.

Fantastic Camera

iPhone 7 in the concept design by SCAVIDS displays an 8-megapixel rear camera along with a notification light which is built within the upgraded Home button. The color of the Apple iPhone 7 might be available in three variants like red, yellow and blue. All these are anticipating design concept of unveiled iPhone 7.

Stunning Display

Finally, the handset is anticipated to have a 5.5-inch stunning display. The design of iPhone 7 shows that the smartphone is eliminating the side bezels and also enabling a smaller overall footprint without forfeiting the screen size. It’s really very great what Apple has shown and hopefully, it should accomplish the same that has been displayed in the video.